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The main goal of our practice is to help the patient. Our philosophy is to find the cause of the illness and then treat it in the safest methods possible. Patients these days face many challenges, their health being most important. Our philosophy has been to find the best mentors and teachers and learn from them. Medicine, at times, is too rigid. Many patients have problems that are not in the text books and come to our office for help. If we don’t have the answer we have incredible physicians in our network to consult with on difficult problems in ENT and Allergy.

Our allergy clinic is one of the most progressive in the country because we combine methods from the best allergists and make them available to our patients. We truly believe that our systems for testing and treating allergies are some of the best in the world. But we are not static! Our methods constantly improve because of the many hours we put into medical meetings and education every year. We skin test patients to determine their sensitivities and recommend sublingual allergy drops that you take at home or injections for allergy problems.