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09.2013 At my recent Pan American meeting, I heard inspiring words by my mentors, Dr Steve Hotze and Dr David Sheridan. They have treated over 20,000 thyroid patients. Their mantra is if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you can get help. I’ve been using their program in our office for over 5 years. Our patients who suffer with fatigue, tiredness, brain fog, muscle aches, coldness, depression, and hair loss do get better even if they have had normal thyroid testing previously. If you’re ready to make a change, call us for help.
09.2013 This may shock you, but the famous heart surgeon, Dr Dwight Lundell feels that the long established dietary recommendations have created an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The consumption of highly processed carbohydrates, such as sugar, flour, omega 6 vegetable oils, such as, soybean, corn and sunflower lead to inflammation in the arteries and retention of fat. What should you do, eat colorful fruits and vegetables, along with smaller amounts of meat and fish. As for oils, use olive oil and butter.  Get some exercise every day and watch the pounds come off.
08.2013 If you have repeated heart burn or acid reflux, I may have some help for you. I always ask people what they eat and drink and find amazing things. My records might go in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I had a patient who drank 96 cups of coffee a day and a youngman, recently who drak 8 ½ liters of pop a day. Both these patients couldn’t understand why they had stomach problems. No one ever asked them what they drank. A recent study shows that a simple treatment with nutritionals may solve some difficult problems with acid reflux. If acid blockers don’t work for you call our office for help.
07.2013 Do you take calcium supplements? If you do, this message is important in a  womens study of 60,000 patients. Researchers found that taking more than 1400 mg a day increased over all death rate from all cause by 40%. The rate for coronary disease was increased 114%. If your diet contains lots of calcium in cheese, yogurt, dark green vegetables and beans , you should limit your calcium supplement to 600 mg a day. Work on your bone density with vitamin D3. I always wondered where the excess calcium goes. It goes into heart blood vessels and kidney stones.
07.2013 Foods that are high in starch are high in sugar. One gram of starch makes 1 gm of sugar. If digested properly. White bread converts 1 gm starch to 1 gm of sugar. Here is how other foods rate in percent of white bread to make sugar-whole grain bread 97%, potatoes 141%, white rice 110%, apples 50%, bananas 79%, white pasta 46%. As you can see breads, rice and potatoes are the worst. So if you want to control your sugars, eat fruit. I am thrilled that white pasta scored so low. If you are trying to lose weight, keep the starches down.
06.2013 Here is a recipe to live longer and enjoy life. Studies show that part of your DNA degenerates every year. You can slow down the process by doing the following things, most of which we have told you in the past. Exercise, eat right, take antioxidants, Omega 3’s, and Vitamin D3. Don’t smoke, don’t be overweight, don’t let stress, depression or pressures in your life. Be happy or meditate. It takes work to do all of this but it will be worth it. 
06.2013 Asthma is very common these days and we see many patients in the office who have it. I always ask patients “why do you have asthma” and most of the time they look at me with a blank stare. Asthma most times has a cause. It can be from exposure to tobacco smoke or exposure to toxic chemicals at work or in a fire. The most common cause especially in younger patients is allergy to mold and dust. If you have summer hay fever that can make it worse. Treatment is not just steroids and inhalers. They treat symptoms – not the cause.  Allergy drops are in my opinion the way to markedly decrease symptoms so you won’t need the drugs and can stop wheezing.
05.2013 Many parents who have children with asthma ask if the steroid inhalers they use on a daily basis are safe?  Studies show that if children use the steroid for 4-6 years they did ;not grow as tall as other children.  No studies have been done on what happens to other organ systems. Many children we see are still wheezing despite the steroid and inhaler treatments. Asthma in children has a cause and the majority are allergic to dust and mold. My goal is to get patients off the drugs by figuring out their allergies and treating them with allergy drops, a safer method than shots. 
03.2013 Sometimes I need to repeat a message that is very important,. Last fall we had a huge number of cases of sudden hearing loss caused mostly by viral infections. This pattern has continued through the winter. The loss needs to be treated immediately. The sad thing that we’ve seen is that patients had the hearing go out but waited to get treatment. If not treated immediately you might lose the chance for return. A hearing test needs to be done as soon as the problem starts. The treatment is not antibiotics or Sudafed. So if this happens to you or a loved one call us immediately for help. 
03.2013 Here is an important Public Service Notice. The disc shaped batteries used in watches, hearing aids, and electric devices can be fatal if swallowed by young children. They get stuck in the esophagus or swallowing pipe and because it is wet in there current begins to flow and burns the tissues. The burn can eat through the esophagus and severe complications can happen! What should you do? If you have little children in the house make sure all batteries are securely stored.  If your child swallows one it is a severe emergency.

Last month I received a notice from the Montana Department of Public Health about antibiotic prescriptions in our State. 55% of patients with acute respiratory infections were given antibiotics. I can see giving antibiotics for acute painful ear infection, but many were given out for common colds, and flu like illnesses like bronchitis. My opinion ONLY take antibiotics when you absolutely have to. About 90% of upper respiratory illnesses especially in adults is viral. No antibiotic needed. With resistant bacterial illnesses and complications from antibiotids be careful.

03.2013 This is important so listen carefully. One of the oil companies issued a warning after 3 incidents of fires when a cell phone rang during pumping gasoline into the fuel tank. Mobile phones that light up when switched on can provide a spark for ignition. In one case the phone placed on the trunk rang and burned up the car and the gas pump. Also never get in the car while pumping gas. When you get out a spark from static electricity could start a fire. Here are some simple rules. 1. Turn off the engine.  2. Don’t smoke.  3. Leave the cell phone in the car. Don’t re-enter the car while fueling. We don’t want you getting burned up 
02.2013 Most of you didn’t notice but in January the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of Endocrinology and the Journal of Diabetic Care all had articles on the dangers of fructose corn syrup in pop and other beverages. Along with diabetes, which has had a huge increase, one of the articles stated that by 2030 nearly half of Americans will have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Fructose doesn’t shut off the hunger switch like glucose fruit does. Therefore you eat more, gain weight and get diabetes. On the good side soda consumption in the US is dropping.  Do your part – drink water. 
02.2013 Someone asked me why I use the radio to get my messages out to the public. It’s more personal. Radio allows me to be myself. My messages have readied many people and have changed lives. It has made a huge difference in my practice. Most importantly it allows me to teach the public important facts about their health. Radio is the most cost effective way to reach my Montana audience. RADIO WORKS.
01.2013 Every year after New Years local gyms get an influx of what I call “one month wonders”. They make a New Years resolution to exercise and lose weight and once they realize the commitment it takes they drop out. Life-long exercise takes real commitment. It can be as simple as walking the dogs for 30 minutes a day or at best working out. The benefits for health are too numerous to mention. When you meet that active 80-year old person that hikes, skis or runs a ranch don’t say that can’t be me – go for it otherwise you will be a couch potato when you hit 50.   
09.2012 It seems obvious to me that people are having more food allergy than ever before. Many foods contain artificial dyes, sweetener and chemicals. A lot of patients who have stomachaches, headaches, joint pains, asthma, dizziness, fatigue or rashes, can be sensitive to common foods they eat every day. Wheat and milk are the most common trouble makers. After that comes corn, eggs, yeast and soy. If you’ve gone thru a medical workup for the above symptoms and aren’t better, foods can be a problem. Blood tests for these foods are not accurate. We have hundreds of people we’ve helped thru these difficulties.
07.2012 I saw a 14 year old boy who 2 years ago, was treated for asthma with drugs and inhalers. He was having difficulty breathing and could not participate in activities. Now after treatment with allergy drops, he doesn’t need his inhalers and actively plays sports. Other Doctors told him he would need the inhalers for the rest of his life. It truly is gratifying to help people. Despite most current medical thinking, asthma can be prevented or improved with allergy treatment so you can get off the inhalers and steroids. Our office is the only local one offering drop treatment that can help you.
07.2012 I would like to remind people to please be careful when taking Ibuprophen, Naprosyn or other drug anti inflammatories by using the recommended dose of Ibuprophen1200 mg a day or less doubles the risk of stomach bleeding. If you take 1200-2400 mg, the risk is 5x higher, prescription anti inflammatories even worse.  More than 100,000 people are hospitalized yearly for stomach bleeds from these products.  Somewhere between 15,000 to 20,000 people die from the bleeding. That’s a huge number. Make sure if you take these products to be quite careful especially if you take large amounts.


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